Monday, December 24, 2012

Jingle the Elf on the Shelf: Week 3-4

Jingle (Our Elf on the Shelf): Week 3-4

So, this is our last week with our beloved Jingle.  We've loved every minute, although to be honest, there were some nights I didn't feel like doing much with him, and I could feel his judgement of me from across the room. 

Jingle made lots of snowflakes and hung them for all to see.

Story time with the toys.

Jingle went over to the grandparents' house and decorated their tree for them! 

Jingle doing a puzzle.

Hot air balloon ride!

Challenged Buzz to a friendly game of Hungry Hippos!

Jingle wrote a note to R on the bathroom mirror.

Decorating the windows with "snow".

Rappelling from the cabinet.  He's such a daredevil!

Making some snowmen!

Lastly, making R work for his presents, Christmas morning.

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