Friday, June 19, 2015

Tale of 3 baby blankets: Part Three

Girl's "Owl" Baby Blanket:

My next friend didn't really have a theme for the baby's room, but she loves owls.  So, that's the direction I went.

I thought this blanket turned out great too.  Lovely neutral colors, with a pink and brown border.

I finished the blanket before the baby was born, so I wasn't able to put a date on it.  I still think it looks amazing!

Tale of 3 baby blankets: Part Two

Boy's "Pond" themed blanket:

My next friend decided to decorate the baby room in a pond theme.  She is an artist and did a wonderful mural on the wall.  I wanted to make something to complement the room.

I think I succeeded, and the final project looked amazing!

Lady Bug

Blue Bird

Duck in water

Koi Pond

Frog in pond

Turtle in pond



Duck in water


Gold Fish


Duck in water

Tale of 3 baby blankets: Part One

My latest cross stitch projects were baby blankets for 3 friends, with very different themes.

Girl's Sci-fi blanket:

Unfortunately, I didn't take individual shots of each section, as I was in a hurry to send this off to Germany before the little one arrived, but I do have a few.

Most of the patterns I used are on my Pinterest board.

Overall, this was my favorite one!  I loved putting a girly spin on all the colors of the Star Wars pictures, and I can't wait to try my hand at another one.  I have some sci-fi stockings in mind for Christmas!

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