Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Projects (i.e. Why I've been so freakin' busy!)

So, of course, ever since I was introduced to the world of Pinterest, I've seen a multitude of projects that I wanted to do for Christmas.  Like this, and this, and of course no holiday celebration is complete without this!!  I only got a few things done though, but I love them! 

Fabric Covered Christmas Tree Cones

I used the tutorial here, but I did not pay the $12.95, or whatever it was, for the download template.  I didn't think it was necessary.  I feel like maybe I went a little overboard with the trees, but I was in the zone...and I had already purchased the materials.

Snowman Ornaments

I have a snowman tree in my dining room, and being the cheap frugal soul that I am, wanted to make several more ornaments to hang.  I have been crosstitching for years, but straight up sewing is not a skill I use much.  So, while the stitching is good, the sewing is only so-so.  The ones above are all free patterns that I got online.  You can find them on my pinterest board here.

The Let It Snow and Peace on Earth are Dimensions kits I got off Amazon.  I think they're also available at Walmart, but I had a gift card for Amazon, so I went with that!

Now, if I could just get the house clean, I think I'll be ready for Tuesday!

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