Thursday, December 13, 2012

Elf on the Shelf: Jingle the Elf- Week 2

Here are the pics from our 2nd week, and then some.  My time seems to have run away from me recently.  Anyway, on with the pics!

Driving away in the Handy Manny race car!

The holiday season is no reason to slack off at the gym!

Stealing R's chocolate milk in the morning.  Jingle!

Rolling by on his skateboard.

Little drummer boy!

Zip line elf!

Watching a little TV.

Held captive by 3 Transformers (you can't see it in the picture but he's gagged and handcuffed too).  Oh no!


Jingle hung Christmas lights along the breakfast bar chairs.

Fishing in the sink.

We're still really enjoying all the antics that Jingle has gotten into.  Another week and a half to go!  Good thing there are so many great ideas on Pinterest!

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