Saturday, August 13, 2016

Minecraft Birthday Party Part 3

Minecraft Birthday Party!!

The Food:

I started with a "grass block" tablecloth.  Dirt brown underneath and a grassy green top.  I had several small decorated box risers to give the table items some height.  The small square plastic dishes I got from Amazon, as well as the little scoops and tongs.

Baked Potatoes- Potato Chips
Melon- Watermelon wedges
Carrots- Carrots
Apples- Slice apples
Grass Blocks- Brown and green rice krispie treats
Redstone- Hot Tamales
Lava- Strawberry punch

Slime Blocks- Cubed green jello
Steak- Sliced sausage
Bones- Skull and bones candy (found at Hobby Lobby)

Cookies- Chocolate Chip cookies
Emeralds- Green Jolly Ranchers
Gold- Hershey Chocolate Nuggets

Diamond Sword Cake

Pork Chops- Mini pigs in a blanket
Sticks- Pretzel sticks

Diamonds- Blue Hershey Kisses
Coal- Junior Mints
Fish- Swedish Fish

TNT- Licorice bundles

It was a lot of work, but the overall result was so worth it!  Every year, I tell myself I won't do this again, but then before the festivities started, R told me it was the most awesome thing he'd seen.  Maybe one more year won't hurt.

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