Saturday, August 13, 2016

Minecraft Birthday Party Part 2

Minecraft Birthday Party

I don't remember getting goodie bags from birthday parties when I was a kid, but hey, things change.

Goodie Bags:

These bookmarks were another printable, that I printed and cut out.  I punched a hole in the top of them, and threaded through some string for the tassel.

 I had some leftover little notepads and pens from R's Lego party a couple years ago, so I added a few things to make them more theme appropriate.  There weren't actually any black or pink ones, so I used some scrapbook paper and replaced it.  Then, I used more square punches to cut out the appropriate faces.

Also leftover from the Lego party, were some red containers of bubbles.  I simply printed some TNT labels and attached them with a glue stick.
I found the Minecraft stickers and green bracelets off Ebay.

For the TNT, I used empty rolls of toilet paper.  I covered it in red tissue paper, then filled it with loose candy.  After taping it shut, I inserted a black pipe cleaner into the top for the fuse, and taped a TNT label around the outside.

Last, but not least, we had some leftover confetti poppers from the 4th of July, so each bag got one of those too.

I packaged everything in a clear plastic bag, and called it a day!

Up Next:  Minecraft Party Food!!

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