Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lego Party: Favor Bags

Lego Party!
(part 2)

Favor Bags:
Let's face it.  The party is good, but the take home loot is what the kids will remember, right?

 I took some regular gift bags and used a circle punch on one of them to get the same color of paper.  Then, I used some foam tape to attach the circles to the bags.  Voila!  Lego bags!

For these little note pads, I just put some circle stickers on each, in a corresponding color.  I paired these with little pens.

I used a minifig mold to make these crayons.  I paired the crayons with a homemade coloring book.  I got the template from another blogger, and it's very unfortunate that I can't remember who, or else I would definitely credit her and link to her page!

I included some mini bottles of bubbles.  I couldn't find any Lego ones, so I just got others and put my own stickers on them.

I used the same premise for the pencil sharpeners.  I couldn't find any with a Lego theme, so I used Lego stickers to make it theme appropriate.  I paired the sharpeners with a pencil in like colors.

I was contemplating getting some bottlecap necklaces that I see everywhere now, but decided to make my own.  They turned out more like dog tags, which was great since they were all boys.

I had some colored foam pages and cut out the blocks and little dots.  Then, I punched some grommets through the top of each block and ran the ball chain through.  The kids really enjoyed these!

I also included some Lego suckers that I made with a Lego candy mold, along with a fun straw, piece of gum, Lego brick eraser and a mini fig.  I think everyone went home happy!

Next Up:  the Cake!


  1. Hi! I know this is an older post but did you ever document how you made the lego dog tags anywhere? Thanks!! Kristen

    1. No, I don't think I made a tutorial on here. They were relatively simple though. I took thin foam sheets, or foam paper, and cut them into rectangles. Then, I used a hole punch to make the "studs" and used a dot of glue to adhere them. Next, I punched a hole through the top middle and hammered in a small grommet. Then, I strung them on the chain, and voila! You've got dog tags! Hope this helps!


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