Thursday, October 25, 2012

Harry Potter Week: Day 4 - Cauldron Cakes

Harry Potter Week: Day 4 - Cauldron Cakes!

Day 4 brings us to Cauldron Cakes! Yay! They're so cute, with their little chocolate handles, chocolate chip "feet" on the bottom and wickedly good filling. As with any recipe, there are so many variations, you just need to choose what you like! 
Cakes after baking.

Pipe a ring or two of frosting around the edges

I chose to use my favorite chocolate cake recipe, which is actually the Hershey recipe, and the Hershey frosting recipe too. However, you could definitely use your own go-to cake recipe, or even a boxed mix is good. Buttercream or a ganache would be nice for the frosting. 

Next, I piped in some filling into the cake, and filled the top of the cauldron.

I added the little chocolate handles I had made earlier (melted chocolate, piped onto some parchment in the shape you want).

The filling options are endless. You could really have a field day here. A chocolate pudding to resemble the Liquid Death potion Harry concocts in the Half Blood Prince. Or, maybe a gold dusted chocolate filling like Darla has done, to resemble Felix Felicis. I chose to do a purple whipped cream filling, perhaps as a love potion gone wrong? Not sure, but purple is one of those Halloween colors, and I thought it would look good. So, there we go.

Deilicious Cauldron Cakes for everyone!

Tomorrow is the last day of our tribute to Harry Potter. See you then!

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