Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Harry Potter Week: Day 3 - Treacle Tart, Chocolate Frogs and Licorice Wands

Harry Potter Week: Day 3 - Treacle Tart, Chocolate Frogs and Licorice Wands

Well, if you're anything like me, when you see the scene on Hogwart's Express with the trolley car, you wanted to try everything on it!  All those magical goodies, waiting to be explored!  Chocolate frogs that actually jumped, Bertie Botts every flavor beans (ok, maybe not those), licorice wands, acid pops, cockroach clusters...and the list goes on.  Another favorite of Harry's, in the books, at least, was treacle tart.  I had to do a little research to see exactly what treacle tart was, but I was finally able to track down a couple of recipes.

Darla at Bakingdom did an amazing job of some mini treacle tarts.  But, I didn't have any cute little tins like she had, so I opted for a larger tart pan.  I did borrow her recipe though.  I don't think she'll mind.  In fact, I think we could be BFF's...if she only knew who I was.  I mean, she loves sci-fi, I love sci-fi.  She loves baking, I love baking.  Heck, our names even rhyme!  Clearly, it was meant to be.  Treacle tarts, however, were not.  Ignoring the fact that the darned thing spilled over, I really didn't like the taste of it.  Maybe it's a British thing?  Not sure.  But, the taste of molasses was SOOOO overwhelming, it overpowered all other flavors.  It was more like molasses tart, with a side of burnt crust.  Ok, the burnt crust was my fault, but the treacle just wasn't happening.  Click here for the complete recipe, courtesy of Bakingdom.

Chocolate Frogs

I had more luck with the chocolate frogs.  I couldn't get them to jump though.

Cute little frog mold.

Coat inside with chocolate.
I melted down some caramel with a little milk.

Mixed in some chopped pecans.

Another filling was chocolate with rice krispies.

Fill the frogs with caramelly goodness.

Cover with chocolate.

Chill in fridge, and voila!  Chocolate Frogs!!

Licorice Wands

The licorice wands weren't a complete success either, mainly because my 4 year old son was eating all the sprinkles off helping me.

Basically, melt some vanilla candy coating, and dip the licorice in.

Next, dip licorice into a bowl of sprinkles, turning to coat all sides.

If you'd like some better more recipes and pictures, check these out.  And, these!

Tomorrow, we're conquering Cauldron Cakes!  Don't forget to come back!

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