Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Victorian Sampler update

Victorian Sampler Update

Pictures as promised!

#1 Close-up

#2 Close-up
 The only thing I really dislike is that I can't use my spring hoop, which I've used since I was 15!  It's just too rough on all the specialty stitches.  So, I've been using an old school wooden scroll frame, and it's just terrible.  I bought a plastic one that I can wind back and forth, which I like pretty well, but it's too large.  I'm used to having a smaller area with which to work on.  I'll keep looking for something else.  If anyone has any suggestions.....

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  1. Hi Karla! You are the winner of the Minted give-away on Lulu the Baker! Actually you're the 5th winner; none of the previous 4 winners have gotten back to me, so if you email me in the next day or so, the prize is yours! My email is mohoha(@)hotmail(dot)com. I hope to hear from you soon; fingers crossed!


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